Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hunter Gatherer Studio Visit

As a jewelry fiend, I always have my eye out for unique designs. Back in January, I came across a collection while putzing around at City Soles in Wicker Park. An associate explained to me that many of the pieces were made from found objects; hence the name, Hunter Gatherer. From twigs to windshield glass to casts of fingertips, I was smitten. I left with a single piece and a desire to know more about the artist. Fast forward to the end of May, I got in touch with the hands behind Hunter Gatherer, Laura Prieto-Velasco. She invited me over to her home to take a look at some of her new designs inspired by bait and tackle. Two hours later we had talked about everything under the sun, including my newest pursuit thanks to her, Flamenco dancing. Laura's macabre aesthetic is something I've always been intrigued by and paired with her interest in Flamenco, I couldn't leave without making plans to meet again and put those themes in front of a camera - more on that to come.