Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Como la flor

I'm a sucker for themed parties. Why? Because I can dress up. My childhood was spent playing with Barbies, riding imaginary horses and dressing up to gain the attention of my mother. Since then, I no longer play with Barbies and rarely pretend I'm riding make-believe horses but I've yet to kick the desire to dress in garb I wouldn't normally wear. I spent the weekend in Kansas City and came across this cowboy hat in the back of the coat closet. Keeping with the southwestern theme, I put on a dress my mother acquired in Mexico, a leather belt adorned with Aztec pyramids, a buckskin jacket I purchased at an estate sale in Chicago and a door wreath because... why not? This is what transpired from spare time and a sister who served as my impatient tripod. All in the name of gaining my mother's attention.