Monday, March 25, 2013


 That side select people see. Those emotions we want to hide. They are impossible to suppress. I'm learning to allow time for those moments and then allowing myself to feel something else after. They're not easy feelings but they have a reason.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Table for two

I currently live with three people but it seems every week we have at least one visitor staying with us. This week one of my oldest and dearest friends, Mallory, came to visit with her boyfriend whom I will only refer to as Coco. These photos are actually from October when I surprised her with a visit to Kansas City/Lawrence on her birthday. On this night, she and Coco were starting a birthday dinner at 715 (my favorite) as I was leaving. I directed them to continue as if I wasn't there and then silently stepped out when I decided I'd been weird long enough. We met up after dinner at a local music venue to ring in Mallory's birthday, music provided. I'll be sad when they leave Chicago but only until the next visitor arrives (kidding, I love you, Mal.)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top notch

For me, making an afternoon's journey to get ice cream is old hat. And not just any ordinary ice cream but Original Rainbow Cone. A medley of flavors stacked sky high had me drive 30 minutes south and wait 15 minutes in 30 degrees to get it. Luckily Mr. Max Wastler came along to humor me. I now regret his suggestion of taking home a tub of the Palmer House (cherry vanilla with walnuts.) Afterwards, we stopped by Optimo Hats ("Life's better in a great hat.") The interior, lined with magnificent hats, had a sultry vibe much like a speakeasy would. On the way out of town and on a whim, Max and I stopped into Top Notch, a diner serving up savory beefburgers since 1942 and the best diner fries I've ever had. The recent Rainbow Cone had yet to be forgotten so we split a meal and called it a day, but not before Max could pick up some memorabilia to wear home.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I can hold my own in a conversation but more often than not, I'd rather listen and observe. Change the language to Spanish and my claim is even truer. I consider myself fluent but I'm not the most confident speaker. However nothing brings me more joy than reuniting with my father's side and watching them interact. There are always stories to be told and scenes to act out. I may not always understand the back story but it is enough to see my family laugh until they cry, as my Uncle's are often able to do. These photos are from the first night we arrived at my Abuelita's for our first Christmas visit since 2008.