Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not Nevada.

Let's be honest, 90% of my Google searches are food related. From gluten-free recipes* to videos on cutting a butternut squash to restaurant openings; I'm all over it. So as soon as I saw a main restaurant front close in my neighborhood, I knew something had to take its place. Enter Reno. Although they just opened about a week ago, I had been drooling over food rumors of wood-fired bagels, pizza and pasta for the past month. With a menu that changes morning, noon and night - this was my third visit and oddly, in that exact order. Things got serious pretty quickly when suddenly our table was cluttered with plates of shaved Brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower, a carnitas pizza and a fennel sausage pizza. The word "legit" was thrown around a couple times to describe the crust. Hell, everything was beyond legit and I'm glad/nervous that such a great eatery is only a 5 minute walk from my place.
* I don't follow a gluten-free diet, I just tend to like recipes that are gluten-free/vegan/everything most people don't like.