Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspired by Frida.

My mind wanders a lot in a day and one thought will take me to another and another leads me to Googling images for a good thirty minutes. A podcast on Debbie Millman's 'Design Matters' made mention of some Bulgarian traditions which somewhere down the line brought me to Mexican headdresses. I ran across this editorial from Maria Claire Italia that takes inspiration from Frida Kahlo and her iconic hair full of flowers. Reveling in the perfection of these photos, I can't help but want to channel Frida in my own wardrobe. See the entire spread here.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Up in the air.

It's no secret to my social networks that I've done a lot of traveling this year. I've barely spent anytime in Chicago this summer and have checked into Midway Airport 15 times since January. Yet I never get tired of the view from such great heights (assuming I can land a window seat). Things look so miniature and fragile. Cars move peacefully at what looks to be a snail's speed. I have an abundance of photos from up above but these are a handful I took on my flight back from vacationing in Florida with my boyfriend's family.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beach daze

Sunday afternoon was set aside to take video footage and photos for these young men as they prepare for next month's "toughest event on the planet," Tough Mudder. The weather was sans humidity for the first time in awhile and the golden hour had me glued to my camera because nothing looks better than it does in the light of a setting sun.