Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pushed beginnings

     Blogging is nothing new to me. I think I started somewhere in between losing the oval-shaped, wire-framed glasses (unfortunate period of my life) and getting braces. Betwixt the end of high school and beginning of college, I stopped and gave myself to journal writing. So now the familiar Blogger New Post welcomes me back but this time my goal is some graphic-heavy subject matter (that sounds more vulgar than I intend). Considering my draw to photography & my final hours in studio art courses, I need a visible outlet to keep me inspired about what I love. Also having the ability to expand on a photo's narrative & share my work farther than Facebook makes for happy times.

The talented musician Hawley Shoffner has advised me multiple times to start a blog. Recently I took some portraits of her to blossom some publicity fortune. There were an overwhelming amount of beautiful shots but we narrowed down a few to use on a postcard she had my design.

Here are a few edits plus the final choice (#4 duh, you can't say no to those eyes). Thanks to Overnight Prints, we got our cake (rounded corners) and ate it too.

If you're lucky, she might send you one.


  1. Beautiful! *Cannot* wait to see what else you post. :)

  2. Thanks for making me look so wonderful. You're talented, ma'am!