Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Memories del pasado

Back home from a long week between my first runaround at SXSW and some transitory days in Chicago. More on that when I can sift through 300 new photos.

My dad has been quite enamored with scanning old photos as of late. This has become quite a treat for me as I've been receiving weekly emails from him with little memories attached - otherwise known as "black mail."

1 as captioned by Jose: "I am # one." you still.......always be ! !
2 my younger sister partaking in my dad's favorite time of day: "Miller Time."
3 Jose (right) + friend on a Mexican boardwalk circa before I was born.
4 Jose, poster model for beer and a good time.

I'm always fascinated by the timeless aura that surrounds old photos. Perhaps it's the effortlessness behind them - something a photographer can always be reminded of. They always seem enigmatic yet comforting, no? I like to think that the mass of photos I've taken over the years will adopt this feeling one day.

p.s. I won't say no if men start wearing semi-revealing cut-off jean shorts again.

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