Monday, April 25, 2011

eternal optimist.

All these spring showers have awoken the leaves and grass - which means we desperately need someone to cut our lawn. The celebration of my birth was a mere 5 days ago; that's kind when the "new year" hits me for some reason. A nice transition into 23 filled with lentil burgers, kit-kat clocks, vegan carrot cupcakes, Free State, frozen yogurt, fine garments & one lovely equestrian romper.

At the Crimson Lounge in Chicago after a long day of walking.

Playing more often with this tumblr nonsense. Join me?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Spent a leisure weekend in the grand city of Fort Scott, Kansas (pop. 8,000). It's quaint nature makes me feel like a real "city girl" away from everything she's ever known (like Target). I lack wanting to type anymore so here's an image prior to assisting DJ a high school prom in Pittsburg, KS. Playing it cool by the h'orderves table.

ark & co. "bird dress" $75, Standard Style.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Memories del pasado

Back home from a long week between my first runaround at SXSW and some transitory days in Chicago. More on that when I can sift through 300 new photos.

My dad has been quite enamored with scanning old photos as of late. This has become quite a treat for me as I've been receiving weekly emails from him with little memories attached - otherwise known as "black mail."

1 as captioned by Jose: "I am # one." you still.......always be ! !
2 my younger sister partaking in my dad's favorite time of day: "Miller Time."
3 Jose (right) + friend on a Mexican boardwalk circa before I was born.
4 Jose, poster model for beer and a good time.

I'm always fascinated by the timeless aura that surrounds old photos. Perhaps it's the effortlessness behind them - something a photographer can always be reminded of. They always seem enigmatic yet comforting, no? I like to think that the mass of photos I've taken over the years will adopt this feeling one day.

p.s. I won't say no if men start wearing semi-revealing cut-off jean shorts again.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pushed beginnings

     Blogging is nothing new to me. I think I started somewhere in between losing the oval-shaped, wire-framed glasses (unfortunate period of my life) and getting braces. Betwixt the end of high school and beginning of college, I stopped and gave myself to journal writing. So now the familiar Blogger New Post welcomes me back but this time my goal is some graphic-heavy subject matter (that sounds more vulgar than I intend). Considering my draw to photography & my final hours in studio art courses, I need a visible outlet to keep me inspired about what I love. Also having the ability to expand on a photo's narrative & share my work farther than Facebook makes for happy times.

The talented musician Hawley Shoffner has advised me multiple times to start a blog. Recently I took some portraits of her to blossom some publicity fortune. There were an overwhelming amount of beautiful shots but we narrowed down a few to use on a postcard she had my design.

Here are a few edits plus the final choice (#4 duh, you can't say no to those eyes). Thanks to Overnight Prints, we got our cake (rounded corners) and ate it too.

If you're lucky, she might send you one.