Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Couple of Birds

I think... this is my first engagement shoot. So it's only proper that it would be with two people that I adore. Eliza was my first college roommate via Craigslist and I can't even begin to list the first experiences I had with this girl. The memories are endless, most of them involving me dancing and Eliza cracking up. Jon and Eliza have been a twosome since day one. I've seen their relationship evolve and strengthen and feel almost like a their child who comes over and raids the fridge. They're both bull-headed at times but I can't imagine one without the other. I'm so grateful to have two of my closest Kansas friends in Chicago to make home seem not so far away. These are only a fraction of images from a morning of shooting but I'm really excited to finalize the rest because they are so wonderful.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crest & Withers

Yes, I was that girl. The one obsessed with horses. I spent every Sunday browsing the classifieds for a horse that maybe my parents would finally buy me. Of course, living in a Suburban neighborhood doesn't lend itself to owning a horse but that didn't deter me. My love for horses has not wavered and people often ask if I used to ride - the answer being a somber "No." Recently I had the opportunity to visit the stables that my friend Amber trains at regularly. I wasn't able to ride but that didn't stop me from doting upon any horse that came my way. And my camera kept me plenty busy. As a slave for light, I was transfixed by the way it fell upon these giant beauties. And so, these photos came about.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hunter Gatherer Collaboration

This has been sitting as a Draft for far too long. I just began my second Flamenco session at the Clinard Dance Theater where I try and brainwash my body into doing things it has no familiarity with. In fact, the beautiful subject in these photos is also my instructor. Marisela is stunning. Watching any Flamenco performance is mesmerizing but even more so when you actually know the dancer and see how the art transcends into their daily being. It's funny revisiting these images because I had taken them prior to starting Flamenco and now I recognize how much energy and strength went into so many of these poses. Flamenco arm movements are real and HARD.
This collaboration began one dewy morning in Humboldt Park where I met Laura (Hunter Gatherer) and Marisela. It was all very organic, figuratively and literally. Laura brought out a morose aesthetic in my work that I don't often try. The last few shots were taken by the water which was fitting as Laura's latest work is inspired by bait and tackle. I'm extremely fond of these images and they are only a handful of the entire set.
Jewelry: Hunter Gatherer | Clothing: NUIT Clothing 
(Skirt & Shawl are Model's own)
Model/Dancer: Marisela Tapia | Styling: Laura Prieto-Velasco
See the entire set on Flickr